A Simple Drill to Fix Your Slice (Day 6 of 7)

Welcome to day 6 of our 7 Day Slice Eliminator!

If you are looking to fix your slice quickly you have come to the right place! In case you missed the first 5 lessons, you can find those here:

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One of the most common causes of a slice is the so-called “over the top” motion that leads to an outside-to-in swing path.

But while it sounds simple, it can be very tricky to correct. And so today’s lesson is a simple drill that will help you fight the “over the top” motion.

All you need for this drill is an alignment rod. If you don’t have one you can also use a broken club shaft or a dowel rod.

Here’s how to set up for this “fix your slice” drill:

  1. tee up a ball and pick a target in the distance
  2. stick the alignment rod into the ground 2-3 feet behind the ball directly on the target line

Fix Your Slice Day 6 of 7

Then you simply step up to the ball and learn to take a swing without hitting the alignment rod with your club as you come through.

Start with small, slow swings… gradually work up to full swings so you don’t smack your driver into the alignment rod.

Once you can take a full swing without hitting the rod you know you have eliminated the over-the-top, outside-to-in swing path!

Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about!



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