Fix Your Slice… Before You Even Take the Club Back

Welcome back for another tip to help you fix your slice! In Day 1 of the 7 Day Slice Eliminator I told you if you are slicing the ball it is almost certainly because of 1 of 2 things:

1) Outside-to-In Swing Path

2) Open Club Face at Impact

Then we talked about your alignment. Proper alignment alone doesn’t guarantee you find the fairway, but if you don’t have proper alignment you are making it awfully difficult on yourself!

Well the next item on our “checklist” to fix your slice is your club face alignment at address.

In a lot of ways this is similar to your overall body alignment that we talked about in Day 1.

Now of course what really matters is your club face angle at IMPACT, not at address. And technically you COULD have terrible club face alignment at address and get back to a square condition at impact.

But doing so would take a whole lot of subtle moves that you would have to time just right to hit a straight shot. In other words you would be making it unnecessarily difficult.

Our goal is to fix your slice and get you finding the fairway with consistency. And simpler is always going to be better.

So watch the video below about club face angle at address and let’s take the next step towards fixing that slice!



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