Welcome to the affiliates page for The Perfect Impact System!

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, total newbie, or someone with a related product or service, this page is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and to maximize your payouts.

My name is Aaron Stackhouse and I am the owner/creator of The Perfect Impact System. I am going to be continually updating this affiliate site and adding resources to it. In addition to what you find here, if you have specific questions you can email me at

If this is your first visit, I would recommend you read this full page first. However here are some quick links to information that will help you:


This is where you can download banners to use in your advertisements

How to Make More Affiliate Sales

There are numerous strategies for making money as an affiliate and these strategies continue to evolve with the internet. On this page I will share with you some of the strategies I have experience with as well as point you to some additional great resources to learn more!

Information & FAQ About Our Products

This is where you can learn a lot more about The Perfect Impact System as well as Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Tom Stickney

How Much Can You Make As An Affiliate?

First thing you might be wondering is how much can you make?

Well it depends on 3 things:

  • Your current internet marketing skill set (there are TONS of resources for improving this if you need to)
  • Your current assets… This includes things like an email list, a website that already gets traffic, and a whole lot of other things you may not have even considered yet
  • And most importantly – How hard you are willing to work!

Our commission rate is 60%, and our sales funnel includes upsells that convert well and are continually being tested/improved. That is good news for you because you earn the 60% not just on the $67 front end sale, but you will also earn a 60% commission on any upsells added to the customer order.

Commission Calculation:

If a customer that you referred purchases just The Perfect Impact System for $67, the commission would be calculated as follows:

Gross Sale is $67

ClickBank fee is 7.5% + $1 = $6.02

Net Sale is $67 – $6.02 = $60.98

Commission is 60% of $60.98 = $36.59


At the time of sale, customers are currently offered 2 additional upsells for $49.95 each. They have the opportunity to purchase both, only 1, or neither (this specific upsell funnel is subject to change, but always with a goal towards increasing our average customer value).

For each upsell your referral purchases, you would earn an additional commission calculated as follows:

Gross Sale is $49.95

ClickBank fee is 7.5% + $1 = $4.75

Net Sale is $49.95 – $4.75 = $45.20

You commission is 60% of $45.20 = $27.12


So for each sale, your TOTAL commission will be one of the following:

  • $36.59 if they purchase ONLY The Perfect Impact System
  • $63.71 if they purchase ONE upsell
  • $90.83 if they purchase BOTH upsells

It is impossible for me to tell you exactly what your average commission will be, as the upsell conversion rate will depend on a multitude of factors including your traffic sources as well as how you promote our products.

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