Simple Yet Essential Tip to Fix Your Slice

Welcome to the brand new Perfect Impact System blog! We’re going to be posting a couple of new video blog entries every week so be sure to check back often!

The first few blogs are from a mini series I filmed on how to fix your slice in 7 days.

If you want to skip ahead to just the videos, the full series is already uploaded to our YouTube channel … But I’m going to add a little color here so be sure to check both!

What Causes a Slice?

Slicing is one of the common mishits for mid to high handicappers. It robs you of both distance and accuracy, and it can be really frustrating! So what causes a slice?

Well everything about your ball flight is determined by what your club head does at impact.

That’s why we call it the Perfect Impact System 😉

Now there are 5 Impact Factors that make for perfect impact… But really only 2 of the Impact Factors will cause a slice.

#1) Open Club Face at Impact

#2) Outside-to-In Swing Path

If that sounds really simple, it’s because it is!

Yet if you are slicing the ball, one or both of these is causing it. (OK, maybe for 1% of you it is poorly fit clubs… but don’t worry about that for now).

Over the next 7 lessons I’m going to give you simple ways to square your club face and straighten swing path… And with a little practice, 1 or more of these tips can help you fix your slice!

The 1st lesson is probably the easiest of all, yet it is absolutely critical for ALL golfers.

For some of you, this lesson alone will fix your slice. But more likely it will pave the way for you to swing like you are capable of and start hitting more fairways.

Here’s the 1st lesson:

Remember proper alignment alone does not guarantee that your swing path will be straight down the target line. But incorrect alignment will almost guarantee that it is not.

So make sure your alignment is correct and check back soon for the next tip to fix your slice!

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