Escape the Bunker – Day 1 of 7

Welcome back my fellow golf nuts!

Today’s video is the first in our 7 day series to master the bunker!

The greenside bunker shot is something my students ask me about all the time. And it’s not surprising… when you don’t know the proper way to play from the sand it can be very frustrating.

I think it’s because bad shots can be so devastating. Here you are just a few yards off of the green and a misplayed bunker shot can go screaming past the hole into the woods or water behind the green… You know you should be trying to save par but instead you end up losing a ball when you were so close to the hole to start with!

But the good news is with a little practice and the right technique, the bunker shot is one of the easier shots in golf. And that is what this video series is all about.

Over the next 7 lessons I am going to give you the technique that will simplify everything and take the fear out of the bunker shot. Pay attention and you can stop worrying about skulling it over the green or leaving in the bunker… and start giving yourself chances to get up and down much more often!

Here’s the 1st lesson:


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