Is It Possible To Infuse Your Golf Game With Confidence Filling Consistency, Jaw Dropping Power, and Laser-like Accuracy… All By Fixing Just ONE Thing In Your Swing?

Is It Possible To Infuse Your Golf Game With Confidence Filling Consistency, Jaw Dropping Power, and Laser-like Accuracy… All By Fixing Just ONE Thing In Your Swing?

Read on to discover how you can start bombing your drives longer than you ever thought possible… hit crisp, precise irons with machine-like consistency… and dramatically lower your handicap with shocking speed. Impossible? Not if you believe what one of the top coaches in the country and thousands of golfers who have seen it with their own eyes are now saying…

Dear Fellow Golfer,

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a golf ball with the explosive power of a rocket, leaving your playing partners with their jaws on the ground in envy… while at the same time finding every fairway and attacking the pins with laser-like accuracy, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Aaron, and until very recently I was your typical hacker.

Don’t get me wrong… I had my occasional moments of glory – stringing together 5 or 6 pars in a row… But despite 16 years of regular play, I had absolutely ZERO consistency.

Every time I thought I had finally figured it out – my game would completely go to hell.

And it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. I’ve easily spent thousands of dollars on lessons, training aids, and gadgets that promised the moon… but left me disappointed every time.

If you’re reading this right now I’m sure you know the frustration… not knowing whether your next swing will split the fairway or send your ball screaming into the woods.

It’s enough to drive you crazy!

But then I had a chance meeting with Tom Stickney… and my golf game and my life changed instantly. Within a few short weeks of using Tom’s advice…

  • I had infused my swing with unimaginable power… propelling nearly every drive down the fairway with rocket-like speed, blasting it past my playing partners and reaching even the longest par 5s in 2 – often with as little as a 7 iron into the green
  • I had completely and permanently eradicated my slice… and I was now hitting over 80% of my fairways and shaping the ball at will
  • I saw an incredible 220% increase in the number of greens-in-regulation I was averaging each round. Where before I was often forced to “play it safe” I now had the confidence to attack pins that would have had me shaking in my spikes a few short weeks earlier

And let me tell you, when your stats improve that dramatically – your scores do as well.

In just 2 months after working with Tom I Went From Struggling to Break 100 to Having An Official Handicap of Just 7.5!

And the best part is it’s still dropping!

The results were shocking… But to tell you the truth it had little to do with me, and everything to do with the swing Tom teaches. He calls it the “Perfect Impact System,” and he’s been developing and perfecting it at some of the most exclusive country clubs in the world.

Here’s the thing…

There is no ONE right way to swing a golf club.

And you need look no further than the swings of the top professionals in the world to prove it.

Here we have Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, and Bubba Watson all at the same point in their backswing…

Different PGA Tour Swings

And the first thing you notice is how completely DIFFERENT they look.

Different club planes…

Different alignments…

And different leg, arm, and hand motions.

Yet with these radically different looking swings… each of these players produces the same world-class ball flight.

How can this be?

Well, the answer is they all get the club head into the same position at impact.

Different PGA Tour Swings

And this is key because…

Your shot is 100% determined by what your clubhead does at the moment of impact

Everything about your ball flight… it’s distance, direction, curvature, and trajectory… is entirely determined by how your club moves through the critical impact position.

And this makes sense because the impact position is the ONLY point in the swing where the club makes contact with the ball.

Think about it… the golf ball doesn’t care or even know what your left arm does, whether your head moved, or how long your backswing was… it only knows what the club head was doing at impact.

And so it’s not surprising that when you look at video, professional and advanced players get into virtually the exact same impact position…

…while beginners and hackers look completely different.

So what does a good impact position look like?

The 4 Impact Factors

There are 4 aspects of how your club moves through impact that work together to determine your ball flight. Tom calls them the 4 Impact Factors, and they are:

Impact Factor #1: Club Face Angle

The first Impact Factor is your Club Face Angle.

At impact, your club face can be in 1 of 3 conditions: open, closed, or square relative to the target.

Perfect Impact Factor #1 - Club Face Angle

Just how important is Impact Factor #1?

Well, 85% of your ball’s initial direction is determined by the angle your club face is pointing in at impact… whether it is open, closed, or square to your target.

In other words it’s pretty darned important!

Which brings us to Impact Factor #2…

Impact Factor #2: Club Path

The 2nd Impact Factor is your club path, which is the direction your club is moving relative to the target.

Again there are 3 possibilities, as shown below:

Club Path Impact Factor

Your Club Path works together with your Club Face Angle to determine your ball’s curvature.

Specifically, when your club face angle and club path point in different direction, your ball starts where your club face is pointing and curves AWAY from your club path.

Impact Factor #3: Angle of Attack

The 3rd Impact Factor is your Angle of Attack.

For most shots, the correct Angle of Attack is slightly descending, with the low point a few inches in front of the ball.

This provides for the most consistent impact, helps put backspin on the ball, and sets the loft correctly.

Angle of Attack

If your low point is directly under the ball or before it – your club will tend to catch the grass before the ball which robs you of power and can twist the club face, producing inconsistent contact and inaccurate shots.

Impact Factor #4: Centeredness of Impact

The 4th Impact Factor is where the ball contacts your club face relative to the sweet spot. Just like in baseball or tennis, hitting the sweet spot transfers the maximum amount of power to the ball. Missing the sweet spot is a major “power leak” and also produces mishits in all directions… pushes, pulls, slices, and hooks.

In fact the very worst mishits – shanks, tops, and chunks – come when you miss the sweet spot dramatically…

Perfect Impact Factor - Sweet SpotOK, so we now know that 100% of your ball flight is determined by how your club head moves through the impact position.

And we know that the impact position is a combination of the 4 Impact Factors…

…And so the question becomes:

How do YOU get into the correct impact position every single time you strike the ball?

Whether you’re swinging a driver or a pitching wedge…

Whether you’ve been playing for years or are a rank beginner…

Tom Stickney Resume

And no matter what your current swing looks like…

Well this is the question Tom set out to answer.

And after working on it for years in his private lessons, where he refined and developed it with incredible success, he’s finally put it all together into a system.

The Perfect Impact System.

And not only have his students been making jaw-dropping gains, but he has been recognized as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, a Golf Digest Top Young Teacher… and his demand as an instructor has exploded.

Anyway, there is a good reason I’m telling you all of this.

Until recently you could only learn Tom’s Perfect Impact System in his private lessons… and he doesn’t come cheap. Tom teaches at one of the most exclusive clubs in the country, and his rate is $250 per lesson, and that’s if you can even get one (he often books months in advance).

That’s why I was so ecstatic when he finally agreed to let me put his system on film and try selling it online.

But there’s a catch…

Tom is a really busy guy.

Tom Stickney Instruction Rate

And he knows the more people that sign up for The Perfect Impact System grows online, the more of his time it will require… updating the website, making new videos, and most importantly getting calls looking for private lessons…

And so he agreed to let me test it out on one condition…

That I create a way to control the number of new students entering the program at any one time… so that he wouldn’t be flooded with calls and emails, and it wouldn’t interfere with his existing students.

Which is why the program is only available at limited times… so we can control the number of new students.

That means, if you want to join, you have to act fast!

But the good news is, if you are reading this now, you can still sign up!

This is an unbelievable exciting package… designed so that you don’t risk a dime trying it out at home.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up today and you will get instant, lifetime access to our membership website where you can watch all of the videos in The Perfect Impact System.

(Yes, you will continue to have access even if we completely stop accepting new students).

The system includes everything Tom teaches in his private lessons… all packed into 87 minutes of high def video filmed on location at Big Horn Golf Club in Palm Desert, CA.

Each video is right around 30 minutes long… the optimal length recommended by teaching specialists for a concentrated learning task.

You will learn Tom’s complete system… with the added benefit of being able to rewind and rewatch until it becomes 2nd nature.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

Here’s what’s included!

The Perfect Impact System

The program includes everything Tom has learned about the Impact Position in 18 years on the lesson tee… nothing held back. It will teach you everything you need to know to get into the Perfect Impact position, starting with your set up and stance and then moving onto the dynamic motions of your Swing Path and Low Point.

With easy to follow step-by-step instructions Tom breaks down exactly how to master the 4 Impact Factors, including his very best drills for ingraining the proper motions into your game.

  • The final word on all aspects of the set up, including grip, stance, ball position, posture, and alignment… but not just the basic advice you’ve read 100 times… you’ll learn simple but powerful adjustments for bigger golfers, smaller golfers, and golfers with less flexibility… all with an eye towards mastering the critical impact position
  • The “magic” move that starts your downswing and forces the club into an “inside swing path” for maximum power… Execute this move correctly and consistently launch powerful, controlled draw shots
  • 6 simple yet critical swing plane checkpoints… these checkpoints take all of the mystery out of the swing plane, and practically guarantee you get maximum power with less effort in your swing
  • 2 extremely common takeaway mistakes that make solid contact at impact impossible… and how to eradicate them from your swing forever
  • The subtle mistakes in your set up that subconsciously create swing flaws and destroy your impact position… and more importantly how to banish them from your game forever
  • A powerful drill for mastering the Swing Path… this deceptively easy drill will groove a powerful and consistent swing, while eradicating your slice
  • The 2 super-common and super-deadly pivot mistakes made by most amateurs… Make one of these and you have almost no chance of making consistent contact
  • A simple yet often overlooked principle of alignment… if you don’t follow this rule you risk developing the dreaded “over the top” move (a very common move that leads to a slice)
  • Tom’s 4 favorite drills for mastering the impact position… tested and refined in thousands of lessons for ultimate potency and results
  • And much, much more!


PLUS: Your order comes with 3 Bonus videos designed to fast-track your improvement. These videos are right alongside the Perfect Impact System in our membership site.

Perfect Impact System - 7 Days to Longer Drives

The #1 question golfers ask Tom in private lessons is “How do I hit longer drives?” Hitting the ball far is fun (and a great way to impress your golfing partners!) Let’s face it… you don’t want to be the shortest hitter in your foursome…

But it’s not just about bragging rights… Golf gets a lot easier when you pick up 10, 20, or 30 yards off the tee. It can mean the difference between hitting a 4 iron and a 7 iron approach to the green.

Now you’ll uncover a lot of power as you implement the Perfect Impact System into your swing, but we want you to be able to go out there tomorrow and start hitting the ball further right away. And that’s exactly what I designed the 7 Days to Longer Drives Mini Series to do.

The series consists of the 7 easiest and fastest ways Tom knows to add distance to a golf swing, period. Designed to be watched in bite-sized chunks over 7 days, you won’t believe how simple it can be to unlock 10, 20, or even 30+ yards without making major swing changes!

In this series you will learn…

  • The single simplest way you’ll ever find to pick up extra yards, period… (it happens before you even stand up to the ball)
  • What Michelle Wie’s swing can teach you about generating clubhead speed…
  • A weird tip for bombing your driver that was inspired by Mike Tyson
  • 4 more unbelievably quick ways to access your untapped reserves of power… all without swinging “harder” or sacrificing accuracy


The Perfect Impact System Bonus #2

The second bonus video is called Fix Your Faults, and that’s exactly what it is designed to do… Take you from wherever you’re at now and fix your major flaws… Straighten out the worst slices and hooks and get you hitting the ball more solidly.

We’ll take a look at all of the common faults that plague amateur golfers, and you’ll learn what is causing them and more importantly, how to eradicate them from your game.

So if you are suffering a slice or the shanks… or just about any other mishit you can think of… you’ll get Tom’s specific fix.

Plus you’ll understand what causes ALL of the mishits… which means you’ll know how to self-diagnose your game any time you pick up a bad habit.

You will learn…

  • A checklist to quickly and permanently cure your slice, including drills to straighten out the old banana ball almost instantly… even if you’ve been fighting it for years…
  • How the get your power back on those days when you just “don’t have it”
  • Learn to fix your own swing anytime you start slicing, hooking, hitting it thin or hitting it fat…


The Perfect Impact System Bonus #3

At the end of the day golf is supposed to be fun and our goal is to get you spending less time on the practice tee and more time out on the course enjoying your new game!

And so that is what this 2nd bonus video is all about. Practice That Actually Lowers Your Score is designed to not only ingrain the Perfect Impact System as quickly and easily as possible, but to totally change how you look at practice.

Say goodbye to hitting endless buckets of balls only to leave the range unsure if your swing is any better. In this video, you’ll learn how to practice the things that will directly lead to lower scores on the course… How to implement swing changes so they get forced into your muscle memory as quickly as humanly possible… And how to naturally develop feel and control… at the driving range, on the practice green, on the pitching green, and on the course.

You will discover:

  • A new approach to hitting balls on the range… learn how to quickly implement swing changes, forcing them into your muscle memory
  • How Jack Nicklaus got away with spending less time on the range than his contemporaries… and how you can use the exact same principles in your game for maximum improvement in minimum time


It’s all online on our membership site and you can have instant access to it today!

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Can a simple program like this really ignite your game with enough raw power to shock your playing partners? Can it really obliterate your slice and guide your ball to the fairway as if it was pulled by a magnet? Can it transform your ball striking to the point where it practically forces you to shoot lower and lower scores?

Just look at what these ecstatic customers had to say about The Perfect Impact System…

“Just wish to add that I joined your website a month ago and I’ve been practicing after watching your videos many times. I’ve never had such great results so quickly – improved ball flight and distance. I’ve had lessons in the past with many teachers, mostly with negative results. Our season is at a close up here in Toronto Canada. This gives me the whole winter to improve my swing, based on your lessons. Thanks so much for simplifying what others make so complicated.

Looking forward to next year’s season”

Bruce Cooke

“Just wanted to send out a big thank you for helping my golf game. I watched the beginning videos a couple of months ago after joining, where I mainly focused on the plane and grip position. I played 18 a few weeks later and shot an 87. I could have easily shot 80 if my wedges and putter were working as well as my driver and long irons were that day. Anyway, I have always knew my game was close to being a low 80’s player, but did not know how to figure it out until I saw the videos by Tom.

Thank you for saving my game.”


Scott Andrews

“The lessons are clear, easy to follow, and informative. I had developed a frustrating shank so I took your advice and watched the video on the set up. I made some small adjustments to my ball position and alignment, and presto! No more shanks!”

Suzanne Evans

“Tom, I’m in my late 60s now and have been forced to cut back on my golf due to back pain and stiffness. Well what I found is with the swing you teach, I am able to generate more power while still feeling like I’m swinging easier. It’s been much easier on my back and has allowed me to play an extra 18 each week without paying the price the next day.

Thanks for helping me get back to my passion!”

Nicholas M, Atlanta

“I play golf twice a month with the same guys… we all shoot in the high 80′s most of the time.

We always play for something, just to keep it fun and competitive. I saw your program advertised and the impact factors you talked about made a lot of sense. I purchased and started watching 20 minutes of video every night and working on the changes about once or twice a week at the range.

I FELT like I was hitting the ball much crisper but hadn’t played so I wasn’t sure.

Well anyways, I played yesterday with the “gang” and I dropped an 81! I could have been even lower but I was really nervous since I’ve never shot in the 70′s.

I have NEVER hit the ball that well, especially off the tee. That was only one round but it was my best ever and it seems the “impact factors” changed by swing for the better.

I’ll keep you posted on the next round and hopefully can repeat that 81 and maybe even lower. I have never had that much fun playing golf. Thank you!

If you’re ever in Scottsdale, love to buy you a round at the Royal Troon North.”

Dean G, Scottsdale, AZ

“After watching your videos I am able to hit the fairways more often. It has give me a new confidence on the tee.

Your system works!”

Richard Lee, Los Angeles, CA

“I really love the practice bonus. After watching I spent a couple hours on the green down at my club, trying the methods you talked about. Well I have to say it started paying dividends almost immediately.

I’m starting to really understand how to play different lies and shots around the green. It’s like I’m developing an instinct for how to get up and down.”

Kevin T

“Coach Tom delivered a wonderful presentation that ANY level of golfer can find improvement.

I know that he helped me understand that ball position is critical and also having level shoulders will make it a breeze splashing shots from the sand. I look forward to more online series.”


“I have been a weekend golfer for 8 years. I mostly shoot in the mid 90s with an occasional round in the high 80s. For the last couple years I felt like I had hit a plateau… no matter what I did I just couldn’t get my scores down any lower. And I tried everything. I got a membership at my local range, I tried a bunch of training aids, and I took some private lessons.

Then I purchased the perfect impact system. I don’t know what it was but it just *clicked* for me. For the first time I had a crystal clear idea of what to focus on and where I needed to go with my swing.

Well after a few weeks of practice I have officially blasted through my plateau! Last week I had my best round ever (by 6 strokes!) and broke 80 for the first time.

Tom, thanks for the lessons! Can’t wait to see how low I can go!”

Andy B, Orlando, FL

“Wow, what a deal for people like myself, 100% disabled retired Electrician and Vietnam vet—–First let me say thanks and let you know much I appreciate this

Thank you very much for your time and effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“Just wanted to say, great help, really sound and practical advice!! I only started playing 5 months ago at the ripe age of 54!! People have told me I am too old, but with you guys I’ll get there!!!

Once again many thanks!!”

“Awesome instruction! Easy to understand. Helping to reduce strokes already.”


They represent beginners, low single digit handicappers, the young and the old… the only difference between them and you is they put their doubts aside and gave The Perfect Impact System a try. Some of them paid thousands of dollars to work with Tom and get this information directly.

But until Tom pulls the plug, you can get access to the same program for just a fraction of the price.

Here’s the deal: The Perfect Impact System is an online instructional program. No waiting for DVDs to arrive in the mail – sign up today and you will get instant access to over 2.5 hours of video instruction covering all aspects of the full swing.

The price is just $67. That is just a tiny fraction of what others have paid for the exact same information. A single lesson with Tom costs $250!

$67 is less than one green fee at most golf courses.

It is less than a single lesson.

And it is less than that fancy new driver.

But to tell you the truth, the price doesn’t even really matter, because…


Here’s how it works: Perfect Impact System - 60 Day Guarantee

Order The Perfect Impact System and start watching right away on our membership site.

If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied just let us know and I’ll personally guarantee you a complete and prompt refund… And you can do this for up to a FULL 2 MONTHS AFTER YOUR ORDER!

No questions asked.

No hassles or forms to fill out. Nothing to send back in the mail. No problems at all.

How can I afford to offer this?


I’ve seen thousands of students transform their games almost overnight using the techniques I teach in the Perfect Impact System.

And I’m pretty darned confident it will work wonders for your game as well.

Listen, I understand it might be your first time buying golf instruction on the internet. And you might be wondering can I really learn online? Or could this really be as good as it sounds?

Which is why I took all of the risk out of it by including the money-back guarantee.

The Perfect Impact System

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We’re also happy to take your order by phone:

Call toll-free (866) 688-4366

So all that is left is to just imagine it: standing on the tee watching your drive sail a full 50 yards past the rest of your foursome. Seeing your playing partners look on in envy as you decimate your previous best rounds.

You have nothing to lose so take advantage of this exciting offer today. Because I don’t know how much longer it will be open to new students.

To your golfing success,

Aaron Stackhouse & Tom Stickney

Tom Stickney

PS: Please sign up for The Perfect Impact System right now, while you are still reading. There is no risk, and yet this incredible package may never be offered again! So don’t let this chance to change your game forever slip through your fingers.

P.P.S. If you have questions about the product or would prefer to order over the phone you can reach us at (866) 688-4366

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