Save Strokes in Your Very Next Round…

A Simple Way to Lower Your Scores… (This Could Save You Strokes in Your Very Next Round)

In the last couple of videos we talked about 2 super important topics… consistency and distance.

And if you work on the drills I gave you, I promise you will start to hit the ball better and see lower scores…

But there are many ways to save strokes, and some of them only require a few small adjustments.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve see an amateur ruin a good round with one blow-up hole…

It usually starts when they get themselves into a funky lie that they don’t know how to play…

And instead of taking their licks and getting back to the fairway for the next shot, they make a complete mess out of it.

Next thing you know they’ve turned a manageable situation that should have been a bogey into an ugly 9, 10, or worse.

Now their blood is boiling and odds are they slice their next tee shot into the woods… compounding one mistake into a disastrous stretch of holes.

Well there’s an easy way to fix this, and it could save you several strokes the very next time you play.

One of these funky lies that comes up all the time is the soggy, loose, or wet lie.

And this same technique applies any time you’re in the pine straw, loose sand around the bunkers, filled in divots, or on a soggy fairway.

Learn this simple technique and you’ll give yourself the best chance to escape with just a bogey the next time you find yourself in one of these troublesome spots.

So take a look!


Thanks for watching!

And thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment or shoot us an email this week. It’s been awesome reading about everyone who has taken the time to try out the drills and is already finding improvements in their game. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about… and that’s why we keep putting out videos for you!

Now as we’ve been hinting at all week, the videos we’ve been sharing are previews from an amazing bonus package we are putting together…

This bonus package can be yours, completely free, as part of our very special “New Subscriber Sale.”

But the sale is only going to last a few days, so you need to act fast.

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For now, here’s what you need to know…

The “New Subscriber” package is going to include our popular Perfect Impact System training program… the same one that is available on our website 365 days a year…

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This bonus package has been carefully crafted using the feedback we’ve gotten from our email subscribers (this means you!) and from our existing customers.

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Here are the special bonuses that are included!

Monster Drives

You asked for more distance off the tee and we heard you!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of smacking a great drive and watching it soar high in the air as it splits the fairway…

Cutting the corner on that big dog leg…

And having a chance at hitting that long par 4 or even par 5 in two.

And let’s not forget the pats on the back from the rest of your foursome.

But it’s not just about that…

I know you’ve been told “drive for show, putt for dough” since you started playing golf…

But the truth is that distance is hugely important to low scores in golf.

An extra 20 yards off the tee can be the difference between hitting a 6-iron into the green and a 4-iron.

Which in turn means a lot more greens in regulation… and shorter putts when you do hit the green.

It can also mean reaching those long par 4s and par 5s in two.

And so it’s no surprise that the top performers on the PGA Tour are often the longest hitters of the golf ball… (Think Tiger, Phil, Rory, Bubba, Adam Scott)

Distance matters.

So don’t feel “guilty” about wanting to hit the ball longer.

Well the 1st “New Subscriber” bonus is called Monster Drives, and it’s all about giving you more yards off the tee.

But it isn’t just the same recycled advice you’ve read over and over in the magazines…

You know, “Take a big shoulder turn…” or “create a big arc going back…”

Monster Drives is Tom’s 5-Step System for Wringing Every Last Yard Out of Your Swing

But that is just the beginning…

We are going to cover your equipment, and how you can use it to get the most out of your swing… often with just a few simple adjustments.

Next we will talk about the course conditions… and how you can use the wind to your advantage, riding downwind tee shots like a giant sail while hitting low, penetrating drives when faced with a stiff headwind.

From there we will cover all the common mistakes amateurs make that are robbing them of the full length they are capable of… and we’ll give you specific drills for each so you can permanently eradicate these mistakes from your game.

Finally we’ll get into the mental game… because we all know it’s one thing to bomb a drive at the range… and another when you are standing on the first tee with out of bounds down the right side.

Here are just a few of the things Tom covers in Monster Drives:

  • What’s causing that distance-robbing slice, and how to eradicate it from your game so you hit it not only longer… but find more fairways at the same time
  • An easy drill to increase your club head speed… absolutely essential to maximize your length
  • The 3 most common driver mistakes, and Tom’s best drill to eliminate each of these “power leaks” from your swing, unleashing untapped reservoirs of power you didn’t know you had
  • How to optimize your equipment for maximum distance… pick up yards off the tee without making a single change to your swing

You’ll Also Get to Watch as Tom Works With a Student to Straighten Out His Slice (Step 1) and Adds 10 Yards in the Process…

In addition to the core video, Module 1 includes a bonus video where Tom helps a student pick up extra yards off the tee.

Watch as a golfer just like you straightens out his slice and gains 10 yards in the process. (In fact he nearly hits someone at the far end of the range!)

You have a front row seat and it’s the next best thing to a live lesson in person.

Everyone wants more consistency, it was by far the #1 response we got on our surveys…

And it’s the most common thing students ask for from Tom in his private lessons.

The truth is there are specific aspects of the swing that really drive consistency, and that is what the 2nd New Subscriber Bonus, The Consistency Code is all about.

The Consistency CodeThe Consistency Code is broken down into 4 videos.

In the first video, you will learn Tom’s 4 “Consistency Keys.”

These are the 4 elements of the swing you can isolate and train to develop rock-solid consistency.

Imagine developing a repeatable swing that produces a reliable ball flight every time…

How many more greens would you hit if you knew the precise distance each shot would go before you took the club back?

How much confidence would you gain on the tee knowing exactly where you ball was going and never worrying about that unexpected slice or duck hook?

That is what you can look forward to when you apply the consistency keys to your game.

Once you’ve watched the 1st video you’ll be ready for the 2nd video which is…

A Detailed Practice Routine, Designed by Tom to Develop Your Consistency…

Most golfers “practice” by smacking a bucket of balls at the range… but they do it haphazardly, without a specific plan.

Imagine how much faster you would improve with a routine carefully crafted by Tom to train the specific aspects of your swing that create consistency.

Imagine using the best drills, engineered specifically to work on each of the 4 Consistency Keys…

So that every practice swing you took was deliberately building muscle memory for consistency in your swing.

Well that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do once you are armed with our practice routine.

And finally, because you said you wanted to watch Tom analyze the swings of amateur golfers just like you…

You’ll Get 2 Videos of Tom Working With Students on the 4 Consistency Keys

In the 1st lesson, you’ll watch as Tom steps onto the lesson tee with a student just like you to help him improve the consistency in his game. Watch as our “rusty” golfer reigns in his swing and transforms his game before your very eyes.

In the 2nd lesson, Tom works with Marie who feels like she has “lost her way.”

Tom gets her back on track by getting her more connected and then improves her directional consistency by controlling her club face as he rebuilds her swing.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in the Consistency Code:

  • The key to consistent distance, and a surprising “home remedy” to develop it
  • Why you need to keep your weight on the INSIDE of your back foot during your backswing… This will create a “launch pad” to move back through the golf ball and give you predictable power and speed
  • How to “stay connected” as you rotate through the ball… This is absolutely vital as it will ensure you use the large muscles of your body and don’t depend on timing to get through the ball the same way each time…
  • Tom’s very favorite drill for each of the 4 “Consistency Keys”… And how to build them into a practice routine that hammers the 4 keys into your muscle memory

But we didn’t stop there…

We’ve included a 3rd Bonus Module called Escaping Trouble, and it could easily save you several strokes in your very next round.

Module 3: Escaping TroubleBecause it’s one thing to hit balls from a perfect lie on a driving range…

And another to make that swing work out on the golf course from hilly lies, from the rough, in the wind, and from all of the other funky situations that come up during an actual round of golf.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an amateur ruin a good round with one blow-up hole…

It usually starts when they get themselves into a funky lie that they don’t know how to play…

This is a part of the game that most amateurs struggle with… but the good news is, it’s also one of the easiest to fix!

In many cases some simple adjustments to your set up or swing can take the teeth out of these trouble shots… and turn a blow up hole into a par or bogey at worst.

In this module you will learn:

  • One simple adjustment in the fairway bunker to virtually guarantee you never leave it in the trap again
  • The secrets of lie analysis from a divot… know when you have the green light to swing away and when you
  • An unorthodox but highly effective technique for playing downwind… Take the guesswork out of your distance the next time you are standing on the tee of that windy par 3
  • An easy yet powerful way to neutralize the effects of hilly lies and have full control no matter how extreme the slope

OK, So Here’s What You Need to Do…

Tomorrow I will send an email with all of the instructions on how to take advantage of this limited-time offer…

It will answer all your questions about exactly what is included and when the sale begins and ends.

So be sure to check your email tomorrow to learn all about this unique opportunity!

Talk soon,

Tom & Aaron


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