Fix Your Hook [Your #1 Priority] 0301

Your Golfing Achilles Heel: The Hook

While most would consider the hook a “better” mishit than the slice, it can still wreak havoc on your scores. When you miss a fairway or green with a hook, the ball often rolls a lot and can easily get into trouble or get lost and lead to big numbers. To get to the next level, you need to reign in those wild shots.

The good news is that it is easier than you think, and Tom is going to show you exactly how in the video below!


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One Response to Fix Your Hook [Your #1 Priority] 0301

  1. Don Hansen July 26, 2015 at 2:26 pm #

    Good video….I have developed a problem last couple of weeks with ( I think) my right hand. At the last possible split second I try to give it more power and thereby cause the ball to fly left. This usually happens after about 9 holes. How can I prevent this from happening? I try to keep my right hand looser than my left, but at impact the right starts to take over….

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