2 Minutes to Better Consistency...

OK, so we've been talking all week about the idea of leverage...

In other words, finding the areas of the game that will have the biggest impact on your scores...

Because let's face it, you only have so much time to practice...

And so doesn't it make sense to focus on the specific skills that will give you the biggest bang for you buck?

The problem is, until recently we didn't know what these "High-Leverage" skills were...

Conventional wisdom is that if you want to score low, you need to be some kind of short game wizard...

"Drive for show, putt for dough," right?

Well it turns out that is dead wrong!

And thanks to the pioneering work of a research professor at Columbia University, Dr. Mark Broadie, we now know that for most golfers, putting is actually one of the least important skills to work on!

So what is the #1 skill you should be focused on?

Well, according to Broadie's research it's your approach shots... which account for a whopping 39% of the reason you aren't shooting as low as you'd like!

Now when it comes to approach shots, the name of the game is consistency...

So Here's the Deal When it Comes to Consistency...

Some of it simply comes down to experience and practice…

But that does NOT mean all you can do is bang out bucket after bucket at the range hoping something magically *clicks*.

Far from it.

The truth is by focusing on just 4 key techniques, you can fine-tune your swing for maximum consistency...

Tom calls these techniques the 4 “Consistency Keys.”

And they don't require you to overhaul your swing... you simply need to make a few minor tweaks.

In the video below Tom's going to show you a drill to work on 1 of the 4 “Consistency Keys.”

If you give it a try I can guarantee you will become more consistent swinger of the golf club.

Check it out!


Hope you enjoyed that!

It's a super easy drill but it gets amazing results because it helps you understand the feeling of staying "connected" through the swing.

Staying connected is one of the cornerstones of consistency... In fact it's SO important that Tom has dubbed it one of the 4 "Consistency Keys."

When you lose that connection your upper and lower body get out of synch, you rely way too much on perfect timing, and it becomes really difficult to make consistent, solid contact.

So work this drill on the range...

Get the feeling of staying connected...

And bring that feeling to your full swing...

guarantee your consistency woes will be a thing of the past!

That's today's lesson and the first in our new "High-Leverage" training series...

Stay tuned to your email because we have much more coming your way very soon!

8 responses to “2 Minutes to Consistency”

  1. grant says:

    so simple and straight forward, it would also achieve tempo in the golf swing

  2. Anonymous says:

    This area is my week link I am going to the range and try it to day. I will let you know thank goodness

  3. Lol says:

    And your spelling Anonymous 🙂

  4. Jim says:

    Sounds so easy . Must try this out

  5. Jim Fraser says:

    Truely an amazing teacher, some guys have the skills to teach and some don’t, clearly you are one of the best I have seen so far. Thanks for the great tips.️

  6. Alistair Simpson says:

    Sounds simple, now for the practice area.

  7. Frederick Sparkes says:

    Hi, I enjoy your instruction and take on board what you are trying to get across.
    However, with all the simple swing techniques you always take a divot Even with the above .

    How does the club head reach the ground to take a divot. Do you need to ‘duck’ into the shot?
    I know it sounds silly but it really does my head in.

    I would really appreciate some clarification on the mechanics of ‘taking a divot’.

    Fred Sparkes email frederick.sparkes@sky.com

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